Here's What We Do

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Our three cornerstone programs seek to provide healthcare, education, and vocational opportunities to victims of human trafficking.

RX Healthy Solutions

RX Healthy Solutions comprises a series of bi-weekly workshops that not only educate women and children on healthy hygiene habits, but provide them with access to trained physicians and basic hygiene supplies.

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Comic Relief

Comic Relief aims to educate high-risk children on preventing and treating burns – an unfortunately very common hazard in human trafficking conditions – using cartoons in six different languages. The program has recently expanded to include in-person lectures, puzzles, and games, all of which make learning more accessible and kid-friendly.

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Crafting Change

Crafting Change is a program that partners with The Destiny Center in Calcutta, where women learn to make handcrafted garments and are paid fair wages for their labor. This is part of the final and most important step in empowering victims: giving them the training and self-confidence that leads to a greater economic sustainability.

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